Dr. Jabrayil Alakbarov Alakbar

Doctor of Medicine. Honorary Professor of Kurgan Ilizarov Center. Member of the Presidium of the International ASAMI (Ilizarov) Society. Chairman of the Azerbaijan Ilizarov Society. Traumatologist – Orthopedist Alakbarov Jabrayil


  • Growth lengthening
  • Consequences of trauma
  • Bone necrosis
  • Congenital deformities and shortening of the upper and lower extremities
  • Treatment of false joints (bone necrosis after trauma)



1. Birth
2. After rickets
3. After trauma
4. Spondylo-Epiphyseal dysplasias
5. After septic arthritis

Incompatible fractures

Non-healing fractures: observed after open fractures after surgery

Elongation of the neck and extremities

The shortness of the limbs at birth.
Posttraumatic shortages.
Short stature.

Complex fractures

Complex fractures are open and playful internal fractures with many fragments.

Operations by Ilizarov method

If you know the secrets of the Ilizarov method perfectly, it is possible to treat complex deformations of the upper and lower extremities with this method

Pediatric orthopedics

In recent years, our future children have been confronted with complex pathologies that are difficult to treat due to ecology, hereditary diseases and congenital rickets. These are the shortness of the deformations of the lower and upper extremities and the contours of the joints.

Scientific works and certificates